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"Chris Walker-Thomson does a great job with this book. I loved his various regional accents for the characters, keeping them all distinct. His female voice for Queen Anya was feminine. I really liked his accent for Orlynd, one that other characters found amusing or unique. There were no technical issues with this recording. 5/5 stars.—Dab of Darkness Book Reviews


"I was completely blown away with Chris’s portrayal of Orlynd in particular, mainly because I was always enthralled with his character, and I was curious to see how he would portray such a nervous, yet caring, kind, and virtually hated among his peers kind of character. He nailed the Scottish accent; he completely nailed every layer of Orlynd to its finest, and I found myself excited to listen." —Shakrya Dunn, author of The Final Lesson


"The narrator did an excellent job of bringing to life the story. His various different dialects and use of tone and dictation to show differences in characters really brought each one to life. The emphasis put into the words to convey the character’s emotional response and understanding was perfectly timed in use of speech rhythm and proper us of each pause and inflection of his words." Trish Beninato, author of The Jewel Trilogy


"Chris Walker-Thomson did a superb job of voicing all the characters; I never had any problem realizing who was speaking or thinking. He handled different accents, ages, and personality types, plus two female characters, and did so without it ever sounding forced or cheesy." ―Twintype Books, LLC


"The narrator was phenomenal with his voice relay. The scenes were vivid for the imagination and characters were entertaining along with the corresponding background noises. This is the first installment in the Rite of Wands Series; therefore, you can jump right in. If you are interested in action and young adult fantasy, this may be a perfect fit." ―Turning Another Page






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