One boy…one Rite… And a world of deadly secrets that could change the course of history—forever.


And so begins the tale of Mierta McKinnon. When a horrible fate reveals itself during his Rite of Wands ceremony, he must find a way to change not only his destiny but also the land of Iverna’s.


Forbidden from revealing the future he foresees to anyone, he is granted a wand and his magical powers, but still must master the realm of magic in order to save himself and those he loves.


But Mierta is not the only one with secrets…especially when it’s impossible to know who to trust.

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BHC Press and Mackenzie Flohr Announce Multi-book Publishing Deal

BHC Press announced September 21, 2017, they have entered into a five-book publishing agreement with YA author Mackenzie Flohr. The Rite of Abnegation, the second book in The Rite of Wands series, will be released under the agreement with a 2018 publication date and tells the tale of Mierta McKinnon, a young wizard.


"Writing The Rite of Wands series has been a magical journey. It is an honor to have found a publisher in BHC Press who believes not only in my vision but also my career as an author," stated Ms. Flohr. "I am thrilled to introduce new readers to the world of Iverna and the ongoing adventures of warlock Mierta McKinnon."


BHC Press made the announcement saying, "Mackenzie Flohr has created a magical world where nothing is as it seems. She is an exceptional writer with excellent world-building. We're over the moon she is with us at BHC Press, and we know her novels will capture the hearts of both new and current readers alike."